Work with me

Prospective PhD students

If you are a prospective PhD student interested in one or more of these areas:

  • edge/fog computing with a special focus on AI applications (e.g., GPU scheduling, Function as a Service, federated training)
  • large service centres and applications  (e.g., big data and cloud applications)
  • performance engineering (e.g., resource management, load balancing)
  • modelling (e.g.,  optimization, operations research, game theory applied to the management of large enterprise and cloud systems)

feel free to contact me to enquiry for openings in my team.  There are several possible sources of funding to cover PhD fees and bursary. PhD start dates are in May or November, but funding deadlines tend to be earlier, so if you want to maximize the chances to get funded you should contact me early.


If you are a PhD student in another university and you are interested in the topics above feel free to contact me.  I hosted in the past several PhD students for 4-6 months internship and I can usually  provide support for local expenses.

Prospective post-doctoral researchers

When available, I advertise here openings in my team. If you are looking for a sponsor for a Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellowship or other externally-funded positions, please feel free to  contact me to discuss your intentions.